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We are getting ready to rumble.
We are getting ready to rumble.
  • Open Call

    Open Call

    Open-call…. ‘R-U’….  Omnibus                                                                                               ... read more »

  • buses.rural ,urban

    G11 the Ghost bus-stop tour

     R-U here?...invites you to join us for-disconnect : reconnectThe number No.11 bus may have disappeared,but the traces remain - timetable marks, abandoned shelters & route numbers.Join us for a gentle paced, circular route walk, while noting the changes, share bus stories,chat about future travel possibilities or just join for a... read more »

  • On the buses...

    On the buses...

    R-U explores Rural and Urban living. Buses are a life line for both and link the two. Through out October we have been exploring how buses are used and what they could be …. read more »