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Open Call


‘R-U’….  Omnibus                                                                                                               Art on buses and bus routes’.

‘R-U’ explores cultural life in Rural and Urban areas and the links between to two.

Last October R-U explored buses and bus routes and found that they are  important social spaces that connect both the Rural and the Urban and the people in-between.

R-U invites you to respond to these spaces with subtle interventions, interactions or installations. These can be either on the buses, we are working with, or respond to the bus route including bus stops.

Summary:  Title: Omnibus                                                                                               Open-call: for art interventions-on buses and bus-routes                                         Initiated by : R-U ( rural and urban explorations through art in non art spaces ) Fee: None, Payment: None, Experience need: some.                                                                                       

R-U is a collaboration by Artwash and Car art park who both explore art in non- art spaces.                                                                                             

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